We make "dope" content for personal brands and businesses.


Yup! "Dope" content. We help personal brands and small businesses like yours to produce the amazing content that fits your product, service or lifestyle. 



Budo Brothers

A Martial Arts Lifestyle Company build by assassins and passionate enthusiasts. They're bringing the martial arts lifestyle digital and we were there to help. We collaborated to help them develop their continually growing community with polished educational videos and cool imagery for their website.



Let's make content that connects.

For us, it’s not just about creating videos and photos to plaster on your page. We care about designing the right content for you that actually connects with your customers, truly engages your audience and meaningfully delights your fans and community. 



Freestyle Staff

It's not every day that you're in a conversation about staff spinning. Freestyle Staff is a staff manipulation training service that combines the art of staff spinning, martial arts and creative combat into a sweet cocktail of art and entertainment. We’re helping them enable their online platform to drive video content and classes to her raving fans.


Let's make collaboration work.

It's about collaborating with you to find the right mix of what you want and what your customers need. Partner with us and share your vision with the world. Let's help you produce amazing work that's worth your time and your brand.



Vagus Fitness

Vagus Fitness wanted to change the way people viewed fitness. They wanted to help people, whether it's helping people recover from injury, sickness or inactivity, and they wanted to do it whether you were at their gym or in your home. What's not to love about this collaboration opportunity?



Let's broadcast your vision.

It's your content, your vision and your community. We're only to help you bring them all together in a way that works for your voice and look.




A one-man Merger and Acquisition house, MyFirstSeven is becoming a hub for knowledge on buying, selling and merging of small businesses in the Canadian market. Through a podcast of interesting and experienced experts, and nuggets of purchasing gold, the content creation process is rapid, detailed and speaks to action.  


Whether it’s’ your first time here or you were so psyched that you came back for more, we've got you!