Grow your small business online


3 ways we help small businesses succeed

Umark Copywriting

Creating effective copy

Simple and powerful content that kickstarts new lead generation and creates lasting customers.


Umark Platform Design

Building a platform

Build an online hub that compliments your business and boosts your brand to create a unique online experience.

Umark Online Marketing

Designing a marketing strategy

Broadcast your expertise in a way that fits your lifestyle and helps create a more authentic customer relationship.

We had a copy issue. Our company felt we needed a change. After meeting these guys, they understood what we needed and sourced the right copywriter for the job. Powerful. Simple. And Effective.
— Adam, Vagus Fitness Inc.

How do we work?


We help you design a system that fits your small business and lifestyle. We connect the right providers to your project to make your idea a reality. Combine clear and powerful content, an easy to manage online platform and an effective marketing strategy in a simple and affordable way.

Umark Process Step 1

Step 1

You tell us your story.

Start sharing your story. Tell us how you work and why you do what you do. Knowledge is power. The more we understand, the more we'll be able to provide lasting value to you and your business online.

research analysis-1.png

Step 2

We do the research of both your market + industry.

It's about your industry as much as it is about your story. We dig in to the details to figure out the reality of your industry and your target market based on your vision and current situation.

Umark Process Step 3

Step 3

We search solutions to fit your vision.

We want to do it right! After compiling our research and knowledge, we'll walk you through our thought process. If you like what you hear, we can get started. If you don't, work with us to get to a point of satisfaction. Let's find what works.


Provider fit.png

Step 4

Connecting the right providers to your project.

A big part of our process is spending the hours finding the right people in the web design, copywriting and strategic marketing world to bring on board. We qualify them through trial testing before bringing them in.

design and measure.png

Step 5

Launch. Test. Measure. Repeat.

Once your project is completed, we do an evaluation with you. Highlight the changes you need made. After your website and social media platforms are synced, it's time to launch and test the results. We help you refine as necessary to improve your content and distribution to your audience. We want to make sure they are always coming back for more.


Small businesses we've helped.

Budo Brothers Ecommerce Website
Very nice to work with. Not only did they help me with my online marketing plan, but they connected me to the right copywriter to make my online copy stand out.
— Kyle, Budo Brothers
Natasha Phipps Umark Design
I wanted a new way to reach out to Calgarians. They listened to my goals and actually built me a platform from scratch. Now I am using it myself and able to reach my clients on a more intimate level.
— Natasha, Loving YYC
Andrea Thatcher Umark Project
I had no clue what I wanted to do except build my own brand. The guys at Umark worked with me to come up with a platform I can now use to boost my wellness project and they still check up on me to this day.
— Andrea, Fitness Educator
They really took the time to listen to some of the issues we had, gave us some solutions and took us on a journey to not only get a fantastic website but learn how to use it to connect with our clients around the world.
— Erik, Budo Brothers

Create a unique customer experience.


✔︎ Vetted copywriters, designers and strategists

✔︎ In-depth industry research and analysis

✔︎ Mobile + Customer-friendly design

✔︎ Umark project support


✔︎ Easy to manage Squarespace website

✔︎ Simple, effective marketing funnel

✔︎ E-commerce ready website

✔︎ Social Media Integration


Not sure where to start? Send us a message. Let's talk!